Research, Documentation, Training and Accreditation Schedule

This Schedule will perform the following activities: -

(i) Establish sports regulations for sports development;

(ii) Establish and manage Sports Development Revolving Fund;

(iii) Promote mass participation and improved excellence in sports;

(iv) Identify and develop talented athletes through the implementation of a

structured system;

(v) Manage, coordinate provision of sports science and medical services for the

further development of talented athletes and teams;

(vi) Coordinate Sports Awards;

(vii) Coordinate trainings and other such stakeholder capacity building activities,

the functioning of sports stakeholder federations and associations; and

(viii) Coordinate research and documentation of sports matters.

Project & Programmes

Ladies first 2019& 2022 reports

Tanzanite Women Sports Festival 2021 & 2022 reports

Taifa Cup 2022 report

National Sports Award 2022 report